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Understanding Sustainability in Energy & Natural Resources for 



To help investors, governments, and society understand and positively impact the economic, social and environmental footprint of current and future natural resources and energy projects through innovative research, analytics and advocacy. 


To be the world's most respected company for analysing and positively impacting the sustainability of natural resources and energy projects.  

Specialists in the Sustainability of Natural Resources and Energy Projects


Our clients may base critical decisions, which may affect millions of people, on our analysis. Therefore, rigour in our methodologies, datasets, and research is the core of our business.  

Our Values


As well as understanding the sustainability of our client's natural resources, we focus on managing our resources efficiently and effectively to ensure the most significant value for our clients 


We are a mission-focused organisation which strives at every opportunity to neutralise any negative impact on the planet and actively make a positive contribution to society and the planet’s future.  


We view problems from the perspective of diverse stakeholder groups and generate solutions by applying a combination of engineering, economics, social and political science frameworks. ​

Pragmatism Alongside Ideology

We exist to provide the information on which to decide highly complex, wicked problems. Wicked problems require pragmatism and a holistic understanding of the problem and the impact of the solution. We understand that a just, sustainable future will require the extraction of non-renewable and that extraction must generate the most positive benefit while managing downside risk.

How we create Impact?

Supporting investors, governments, and multilateral institutions to foster a sustainable future in which people, society and the environment prosper through an increased understanding of sustainability in natural resources and energy sectors.


We further the understanding of sustainability in natural resource and energy industries through publications in leading industry academic journals, industry reports and bespoke research for governments, multilateral institutions and industry.

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We build bespoke analytics tools to quickly analyse the current and future impact of natural resource and energy projects across the key sustainability frameworks

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We work in partnership with some of the world's largest multilateral institutions, governments, civil society, and business to foster change to maximise the sustainable use of energy and natural resources


Where we Focus

How the investors, governments and society produce and consume natural resources in the region between the Two Oceans of the Indian and Pacific will determine how the world's people and planet prospers.   

The choices made by Asia's growing middle class and their policy makers will shape global natural resource markets - this region is our specialist focus

By 2030 the region will produce more than half of the world's output and consume 40% of the world's energy. 

Asia's growth, even with declining momentum, will drive global economic expansion, spearheaded by China and India. An affordable energy blend and a supply of natural resources will be required to fuel this economic growth.  In part, this increase will be serviced by two-thirds of global oil shipments and a third of bulk cargo. This freight will be transported through the Indo-Pacific and facilitated by USD 50 trillion of infrastructure investment by 2040. 


 This unprecedented regional growth and scale will determine global energy and natural resources demand. How this demand is satisfied in a just and equitable manner that balances economic development, energy security, and climate change will determine whether people and the planet prosper.  

Why Us

  • ​The natural resource and energy sectors are unique in scale, geographic location, ownership, and potential economic, social, and environmental impacts. Evaluating and influencing the impact of these industries require specific sector expertise and specialism. We are focused entirely on these industries.

  • The complexity in the natural resource and energy industries require viewing problems from multi-disciplinary perspectives. Our team are chemical engineers, statisticians, climate change experts, social scientists, designers, political scientists and environmental experts and economists. We are united in leveraging this multi-disciplinary expertise to evaluate and influence the impact of natural resources projects. 

  • The influences of impact are both global and local. Therefore, assessing impact requires both international and regional perspectives and understanding. With offices in both London and India, we combine the international context with a deep understanding of the on the ground realities.  

  • Rigour is at the heart of our analysis. We publish in peer-reviewed journals and give lectures at leading think tanks on sustainability in natural resources and energy. 

  • We have a broad and robust network with governmental institutions, multilateral organisations, leading sustainability research organisations, and advocacy groups. This comprehensive network is essential in the understanding of large complex projects which influence a whole range of stakeholders and is required to bring innovative solutions to address complex challenges. 

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Our Team has Directed and Managed Projects With Multilateral Institutions and Responsible Investors


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