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We are a Natural Resource and Energy Consultancy 

We help companies, multilateral institutions, investors and governments globally to understand, measure and benchmark impact on people and the planet

we support the creation of a sustainable future 

1. Understand 

Sustainability is a broad term. We help our clients understand what is sustainable in the context of natural resources and energy. Our research and methodologies on this topic have been used in leading industry academic journals and industry reports and adopted in bespoke government and multilateral institutions strategies.

2. Measure and Benchmark

As it stands, sustainability reporting in the natural resources sector is fragmented and difficult to navigate. Multiple reporting frameworks with varied inputs and methodologies result in outputs that are difficult to produce and compare.

We build technologies and tools to quickly analyse the current and future impact of natural resource and energy projects across key sustainability frameworks so projects can be granularly measured and accurately benchmarked.

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3. Use the future to inform today

We build detailed future scenarios for our clients by identifying important uncertainties and signals of the future. We support the creation of clear strategies against these scenarios to help them improve impact on people and the planet in both the short, and long term.

Why us

  • We are specialists 

    We only focus on the start of the supply chain, natural resources and energy are our bread and butter. Our team is made up of engineers, social and political scientists, sustainability specialists and environmental experts who know the sector, not only from behind a screen, but from on the ground with an understanding of political and social complexities, as well as hard facts and research. 

  •  We are global, and so our our strategies

    We are headquartered in the UK with offices in India, but our client base is global. We have worked with governments across 4 continents and global companies and investors, advising on both international and project level strategies.

  • Our broad and robust community

    Our network is made up of governmental institutions, multilateral organisations, leading sustainability research organisations and advocacy groups. This is essential in understanding large, complex projects that influence a whole range of stakeholders. 

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