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TOS Capabilities 

Accelerate inclusive sustainable growth with our four capabilities. We focus on both Financial Materiality (evaluating financial risks and opportunities from sustainability issues) and Impact Materiality (assessing a company's social, environmental, and economic impact). Partner with us for effective risk management and impact evaluation.

Carbon Accounting and Scenario Evaluation for Net Zero Alignment

TOS provides direct and indirect (including scope 3) carbon accounting at the site, portfolio and company level. Bespoke TOS tools allow activities to be evaluated and modelled to achieve net zero



Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessment and ESG improvement

Increasing scrutiny is being placed on company's supply chains by regulation, shareholders and customers. Poor ESG performance presents a substantial risk to a company's reputation and operations. TOS excels in elevating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) performance within supply chains, delivering strategies that foster ethical, ecological, and equitable business practices. We provide comprehensive analyses and tailored solutions to ensure that your supply chain not only complies with sustainability standards, but also sets new benchmarks in corporate responsibility.



Non-Carbon ESG Metric Quantification and Measurement


Expert quantification of non-carbon ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) metrics, enabling businesses to comprehensively assess and improve their social and environmental impact. This service offers in-depth analysis and actionable insights for companies striving to enhance their sustainability practices beyond carbon footprint reduction.


ESG Disclosures and Compliance

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We help companies to build robust, compliant ESG reports for key global frameworks based on globally accepted methodologies and conversion factors.


Strategic Foresight

Our consultancy specializes in strategic foresight for enhancing supply chain resilience, leveraging forward-thinking approaches to anticipate and mitigate future sustainability challenges. We empower businesses with tailored strategies and insights, ensuring long-term adaptability and robustness in their supply chains against environmental and social shifts.

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TOS Tools

Understand complex impacts with TOS's bespoke data tools. Our software supports efficient measurement and comparison of sustainability data at site, portfolio, or company level. Visualize real-time impact of decisions and report sustainability impacts using leading frameworks.


Compass | Impact Quantification, Benchmarking, Forecasting and Reporting Tool


Supplier Assessment Framework


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