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TOS Capabilities 

Accelerate inclusive sustainable growth with our four capabilities. We focus on both Financial Materiality (evaluating financial risks and opportunities from sustainability issues) and Impact Materiality (assessing a company's social, environmental, and economic impact). Partner with us for effective risk management and impact evaluation.

Data Led Impact Evaluation


Quantify real-world ESG impact with our help. Consolidate ESG data, compare and forecast material impacts for organisations. We offer on-the-ground supply chain analysis for social impact assessment.

Impact Optimisation for Sustainable Growth

In the forest

Improve sustainability with our impact assessment tools. Run scenarios to understand the holistic effect of interventions over the short, medium, and long term for all material impacts (e.g. biodiversity, circularity, carbon emissions, water, and economic impacts). Partner with us for comprehensive impact analysis

ESG Disclosures and Compliance

We help companies to build robust, compliant ESG reports for key global frameworks based on globally accepted methodologies and conversion factors.

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Strategic Foresight


There is one certainty – tomorrow will not be the status quo. We partner with companies to bring the future into today. We research and identify the key trends and uncertainties that will determine the context in which an organisation operates.

TOS Tools

Understand complex impacts with TOS's bespoke data tools. Our software supports efficient measurement and comparison of sustainability data at site, portfolio, or company level. Visualize real-time impact of decisions and report sustainability impacts using leading frameworks.


Compass | Integrated Sustainbility data for mining companies


Supplier Assessment Framework

Our Systems 

All our Capabilities and Tools operate under two key systems: MATERIALS & CIRCULAR ECONOMY and REGENERATIVE LAND USE Value creation is a non-linear process and the systems we use aim to create sustainable circulation of goods, knowledge and relationships indefinitely.


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