The choices made by Asia's growing middle class and their policy makers will shape global natural resource markets - this region is our specialist focus

By 2030 the region will produce more than half of the world's output and consume 40% of the world's energy

Asia's growth, even with declining momentum, will drive global economic expansion, spearheaded by China and India. An affordable energy blend and a supply of natural resources will be required to fuel this economic growth.  In part this increase will be serviced by two thirds of global oil shipments and a third of bulk cargo, which will be transported through the Indo-Pacific and facilitated by USD 50 trillion of infrastructure investment by 2040.


This unprecedented regional growth and scale will determine global energy and mineral demand. Consumer preferences will impact upon the intensity of use of mineral demand and the mineral composition of products. How the governments of Asia decide to power their economy and the energy policies they make will have a global impact on the type and quantity of energy and mineral products supplied to this region.