Our services arm decision-makers with the information to bring the future into decisions today


In an uncertain world where the pace of technological change is shifting both how energy is produced and consumed, socio-economic developments are impacting upon end product demands for raw materials and sustainability is increasingly factored into decision making, an understanding of the impact of these shifts is vital. 


We look at a range of possible outcomes and their consequences to provide a variety of narratives about the future to assist in decisions around the trade offs in the allocation of scant organisational resources. 


Having worked with governments advising on policy, in industry, and as researchers we are able to provide a multi-disciplinary approach which encapsulates economics, politics and social factors which will impact upon supply, demand and the ability to operate in jurisdictions in Asia. 


We examine external social, economic, environmental, and technological trends on a national and sub-national basis. The energy and natural resources sectors will fundamentally have to adapt to a changing marketplace and shifting economic, social and political conditions. Scenario planning will facilitate proactive preparations for these changes. 



The potential negative environmental, social and economic impact of mining and energy projects due to mismanagement is well known. However, if responsibly executed, mining and energy projects hold positive transformational potential. 


We have built a proprietary tool to quantify the potential socio-economic benefit of a natural resources project. This information can be used during negotitions and for stakeholder engagement. 


We provide an assessment and evaluation of the above ground risks to a project through an investigation into the likelihood and impact of the following on total project costs and success:

  • Political factors;
  • Social factors;
  • Economic factors;
  • Contract non-compliance due to social or factors such as local content provisions; and
  • Risk that geopolitical events will influence project outcomes.


We conduct client driven research and reporting on the opportunities and challenges of investment and trade in energy and natural resources sectors in Asia.