Our ESG Products

We aim to provide online tools for investors, project owners and developers to simply and dynamically quantify forward looking Environmental and Social potential and risks for investment projects anywhere in the world in minutes from their desks at an affordable price. 


This analysis provides the information needed for sustainability and ESG reporting and provides the data to quantify trade offs.


Forecasting Economic and Employment Potential of Investment Projects

We have developed a dynamic tool to support investors, project developers, communities and governments to quickly, simply and robustly quantify the potential economic benefit of natural resources projects. 


Our tool combines a rigorous economic methodology with a proprietary database of geographic indicators and project level financial information. 


The tool provides details on employment multiples and the total potential employment trickle down of a project through the use of local suppliers and workers. 


It allows you to assess the economic output, gross value add, income and fiscal contribution of a project both year by year, as a total and in terms of the net present value today. 


Additionally the tool gives you an idea of where your project economic multiples are situated in relation to other projects and other industries. 

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Example Report Generated from Online Tool
This is an example report generated from the web application for a real mining investment project in South Africa.
Example Report.pdf
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