14. August 2020
Our Director and Head of Research, Tom Mills, spoke to A-id: Agenda for International Development, a think tank devoted to proposing novel solutions to equitable international development, on the role the mining industry and its mineral products play in a sustainable future. He discussed: Non-OECD countries as the most likely locations of future high-grade mineral deposits. The complexity, risk, and mitigations of grasping the opportunities presented by mineral wealth in these geographies. The...

20. February 2020
The 2020s will see a fundamental shift with mining companies moving away from principally competing on costs and operational efficiency. The market will split between those companies who can generate a Social / Green Premium above market prices and those excluded from being part of certain supply chains due to inadequate ESG and sustainability practices.

04. February 2020
Two Oceans Strategy Founder and Head of Research, Tom Mills, spoke at a seminar at Brooking India, a leading global think tank and research institution. The seminar was the first in a series on non-fuel minerals and mining in India.

24. October 2019
The latest publication by our Head of Research proposes a re-evaluation of the consensus on large scale extractives led development in Afghanistan. The paper builds on existing research which has focused on mitigating the downside risk of mineral extraction. The study asks if the benefits accrued to the country’s current and future citizens would be greater if large-scale exploitation were postponed or a different approach to maximising the value of the country’s sub-soil assets taken. The...

14. August 2019
Two Oceans Strategy have recently published paper in The Extractives and Society Journal on the challenges of managing transfer pricing in the mining industry in developing countries.

01. July 2019
An overview of renewable energy in India, written by out Research Director, Tom Mills, published in the Encyclopaedia of Mineral and Energy Policy.

30. June 2019
This article argues that the mining companies of the future will value economic, political, and social science competencies over geology and engineering.

28. February 2019
Our Director and Head of Research, Tom Mills was interviewed for the Resource Insider Podcast, an industry podcast focused on investment in metals and mining, on his experience of working in natural resources in emerging markets.