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Capabilities: Impact Optimisation

How can our impact optimisation help you? 

  • ESG and Sustainability Target Setting (including SBTi)

  • Scenario assessments for impact related interventions

  • Sustainability Roadmapping (carbon, water, circularity, biodiversity, non-carbon air emissions)

  • Partnership creation

  • Conduct optimisations across value chain through market systems analysis

ESG and Sustainability Target Setting (including SBTi)

Urban Gardening

We work with organisations to build  targets for key materiality issues. For carbon emissions we support and guide companies to develop pathways in line with the Scienced Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). For other material topics we partner to understand the national, sectoral and international landscape to ensure targets are in line with national, international and sectoral commitments.

Travel planning

Once an organisation has developed a suite of target metrics for material issues we utilise our proprietary technology to quantify and forecast future impacts.


We work with clients to build potential interventions (for example switching a fleet from diesel to electric vehicles) and evaluate the timings of these interventions. We use the analysis  to design roadmaps to achieve targets related to a range of social and environmental impacts.

Sustainability Roadmapping (carbon, water, circularity, biodiversity, non-carbon air emissions)

Using our proprietary software tool, Compass, we compare the effect of different actions on issues that are material to an organisation.


We can model the differences at site, portfolio and company level and a number of scenarios against a base case. This allows companies to build rigorous roadmaps backed up by the latest methodologies for quantifying environmental, social and economic impacts.

  Scenario Assessments for Impact-related Interventions

Mining Plant

Partnership Creation

Aerial View of Kayaks

Building partnerships between actors with complementary skills is a crucial part of ensuring positive impact. We support organisation to build coalitions and forums to bring together academia, civil society, business and government on a common issue in order to align around a common set of goals and solutions. 


Economic activity operates in systems of actors, interests, and dynamics. Improving the function of these systems for the planet and its people requires an in depth understanding of a market’s structure, its supporting functions and formal and informal rules. From a detailed understanding we are then able to work to identify root causes of below par performance and the areas interventions will have the most impact in improving the environmental and social performance of a market system.  

Value Chain Optimisation


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