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Sustainability Reporting and Analytics

Sustainability Reporting 

We provide businesses with a stronger market position, increased profitability, national and international listings and up to date compliance with national regulations by conducting sustainability reporting as per the national/international reporting frameworks and mapping with sustainable development goals.  

TOS mobilise services and methodologies on non-financial data as follow: 

  • Sustainability and CSR Reporting Framework Development 

  • Environmental, Health, Safety and Social Compliance Assessment 

  • Environmental, Health, Safety and Social Due Diligence 

  • Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management 

  • Climate risk management including scenario modelling and analysis 

  • Energy and Environment management systems evaluation 

Sustainability Analytics 

We have built innovative sustainability and impact analytics tools specific to natural resources and energy industries.  

Forward Looking, Projected Impact Quantification 

We analyse and quantify the potential impact of projects across the project timeline, from evaluation, investment raising, licensing to operation. By looking forward, not backwards, we can provide decision-makers with the information required for responsible investment, licensing, and project-specific sustainability risk management. 

Project Level

Impact in the natural resources and energy sector occurs predominately at the project, not the company level. We focus on the materiality issues specific to the project, not solely the company. This granularity provides greater detail and understanding of the sustainability impact.  

Generate Reports Across Sustainability Reporting Frameworks 

For the same inputs, we can rapidly generate sustainability reporting for all the critical sustainability frameworks for natural resources and energy projects. These frameworks include GRI, SASB, TFCD, and the SDGs amongst others.  

Licensable Online Tool

World-leading methodologies for quantifying forward-looking, project-based sustainability have been combined with rigorous datasets to generate data outputs and visualisations across sustainability reporting frameworks using the same inputs.  This online tool can be licenced or utilised for one-off project evaluation.