Our Director Discusses the Role of the Mining Industry for Developed and Non-OECD Economies on the Agenda for International Development Podcast

Our Director and Head of Research, Tom Mills, spoke to  A-id: Agenda for International Development, a think tank devoted to proposing novel solutions to equitable international development, on the role the mining industry and its mineral products play in a sustainable future. He discussed:

  • Non-OECD countries as the most likely locations of future high-grade mineral deposits.
  • The complexity, risk, and mitigations of grasping the opportunities presented by mineral wealth in these geographies.
  • The importance of forward looking, project based #ESG analytics in arming government, investors, operators, and society with the information they need to make decisions.
  • How a focus on above ground, economic, political, and social science competencies and data led to the successful turnaround of one of the world’s largest infrastructure projects.
  • How conscious consumerism and regulation will increasingly impact the economic fundamentals of the mining industry.

You can listen to the episode on the website here or on spotify here